Enrichment School Material - English


BRAINTALENT offers bilingual schools, international schools and/or homeschooling parents special enrichment school material. The school material consists of a workbook for the pupil as well as a teacher`s manual guide, including all the answers to the questions. This enrichment school material is designed for cognitively talented children either having an above-average intelligence (20 to 30% of pupils), are gifted (2 to 3%) or are partially gifted in a special area (for example in languages or mathematics).


The teaching material contains tasks having various characteristics, namely:

- open and complex exercises

- exercises that support the pupil`s creativity ("out-of-the-box" thinking) 

- exercises that challenge the pupil`s thinking at a higher level of abstraction

- exercises that motivate the pupil to work and learn independently

- top-down learning (first the overview, then the detailed exercises)



The workbook is designed for primary school grades 4 to 6. Even in grade 4 you may already encounter and identify pupils who are further ahead than their peers on a cognitive level. The workbook contains exercises that can be answered in different ways depending on the cognitive development of the pupils. The pupils can perform the tasks on their own, but it is also possible for certain tasks to be carried out in a small group.



The workbook "Anne and Tim`s Pyramid Adventure" covers a broad range of areas, such as history (e.g who built the pyramids), geography (e.g. where are the pyramids located), science (e.g. what is friction, how were the heavy pyramid stones transported), experiments, mathematics (Egyptian calculations), writing (e.g. in hieroglyphs) and so on. As the workbook consist of open questions, the pupils are being challenged to come up with their own ideas ("out-of-the-box" thinking). Each chapter starts with a story about the exciting adventures of Anne and Tim, followed by exercises for the pupils.

From the series "Famous Buildings and Structures" the first workbook as well as teachers manual guide "Anne and Tim`s Pyramid Adventure" is now available in English!


Anne and Tim decide to build a pyramid on their own, just like the ancient Egyptians did. They have many challenges to overcome: for example how to measure out the square base of a pyramid, how to direct a pyramid to the north, how to overcome friction and move those heavy stones upwards and so on. Following the exciting adventures of Anne and Tim, the pupil is learning in a very challenging way about ancient Egypt and the building of their marvelous pyramids.


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In the attached e-book you can take a look into a couple of first pages of the workbook of "Anne and Tim`s Pyramid Adventure."